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Sisi Transport Slovenija - Rogaška Slatina
Sisi Transport Slovenija - Rogaška Slatina
Sisi Transport Slovenija - Rogaška Slatina

Our Transportation Company has the capacity to meet all Your Transportation needs!

Company news

Our Advantages

  • Advantages

    2012-10-24 13:52:56

    Sisi L.L.C. Team is young, which means that drivers are resourceful, innovative and energetic but...


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Vehicle Fleet

  • Vehicle Fleet

    2012-10-21 20:48:46

        Our fleet includes: four (4) vans, which can be loaded 1.5 tones two (2) vans, which can be...


SISI Company from Slovenia at your service


Company Sisi (L.L.C.) was founded in 2005 with the core business services in domestic and international road transport. The company is located in Rogaska Slatina, there we have offices, and warehouse space with the possibility of loading trucks. Currently we have 9 employees, fleet covers 10 vehicles (small and large vans, trucks solo, semi-trailer).

All vehicles are insured carrier's liability.

We are continuously updating fleet which will be expanded in the near future.

Experience in international and domestic services, experience drivers, clerks and permanent availability with good mutual relations within the company are our strengths, providing the highest quality service to our customers.